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Pod-TST: Getting to know Matthew Stafford from a Lions writer

POD’s Mike Payton has all the inside info on Stafford’s past with the Lions and what Rams fans should expect

Detroit Lions vs Atlanta Falcons Set Number: X82821 TK1 R1 F68

The LA Rams have a new quarterback and I’ll be elated when the 2021 season is over and I can stop saying that. When 2022 gets here, Matthew Stafford will simply be the Rams quarterback and that’s all there is to it.

But until then, Stafford is the new guy and he’s a “new guy” who has only ever played NFL football for the Detroit Lions. Now he will play for the Rams. Soon.

Until then, let’s keep trying to get to know him and today’s helper in that regard is Mike Payton from the Lions’ blog Pride of Detroit. Pride of Detroit does some of the best work at SB Nation and it was great to get to talk about Stafford, Jared Goff, Brad Holmes, Michael Brockers, A’Shawn Robinson and much more with him. That’s the latest on Pod-TST, a weekly LA Rams podcast:

Time codes (ad breaks may shift time codes slightly):

2:00 - How Lions fans are liking new GM Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell

4:00 - Expectations for Jared Goff in Detroit

5:45 - Any standouts among Lions wide receivers?

7:45 - How does Mike feel about possibly getting two late first round picks rather than one top-10 pick in exchange for Stafford?

12:00 - Will Stafford be a significant upgrade over Goff?

13:00 - “Quarterback wins”

14:20 - What was Stafford’s best season with the Lions and what held that team back from winning a playoff game?

17:30 - What to expect from A’Shawn Robinson, a former second round pick of the Lions

19:15 - Michael Brockers update

21:15 - How is Jeffrey Okudah doing, the number three pick in 2020

23:30 - Matt Patricia?!?! “There are people in this world who are born on third base and think they hit a triple. That fits Patricia and Bob Quinn to a tee.”

26:30 - What Stafford has as a supporting cast in 2020