Is this years QB stable the BEST the Rams have ever had?

Here we are Rams fans after a mega blockbuster trade for Matthew Stafford to take over as the new starting QB all the buzz and spotlight is on the former Detroit Lion, of course. With 45,019 passing yards, which is currently 16th in the NFL category of all-time passing yards, Stafford is finally getting the chance to prove he can win playoff games. Likewise, as Rams fans we must imagine a worst-case scenario though, which is arguably an injury to Stafford. However, if it were to happen as Rams fans we must not panic and remember what we have, through all the loud buzz and lights on Stafford, a very good back up QB.

Rams fans we must remember and not forget that our back-up QB John Wolford helped beat our division the rival Seahawks in his first NFL start in a playoff wildcard game. I also witnessed this man run three straight consecutive first downs after Goff broke his thumb. As a Rams fan I've always been terrified of our QB having to run, from Warner to Goff, which is precisely why I think Goff is gone as well. Just imagine the greatest show on turf with a Kurt Warner that could run like Murray or even Wolford. In modern pro football a quarterback that can pocket pass AND run gives any offense an advantage.

In the unlikely event that Stafford gets hurt, the offense would have to be turned down in pace at first but Wolford can definitely keep the Rams Super Bowl aspirations alive. A lot of critics and pundits like to salivate at the fact Stafford has been hurt before. The fact is any QB on any team can get hurt dramatically changing the teams course even the entire leagues. As Rams fan do NOT panic in the event Stafford goes down. If anything the only player we should worry about getting injured is Aaron Donald. In the divisional round against the Packers we got to see how much easier it is for an offense to move the ball when Donald is hurt and off the field.

So is this the BEST quarterback stable the Rams have ever had? The only other combo that comes close is Warner and Bulger. However, there is one major difference between the stable of Stafford/Wolford and Warner/Bulger and that is mobility. Sure Stafford is not one of the most mobile quarterbacks but id rather he run with the ball than Warner or Goff. Add with the mobility some grit, and as a die hard Rams fan I choose the 2021 QB stable as the best the Rams have ever had.

What do you think?