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Pod-TST: Week-by-week look at the LA Rams 2021 schedule

Do the Rams have it “easy” or “tough” with their 17-game slate in 2021?

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The craziest thing about the new 17-game schedule to me is the fact that the LA Rams are playing a regular season game on January 9, 2022! At a time when you would typically be hoping that your team is enjoying a playoff bye week, the NFL will instead be having all 32 teams playing a game with the calendar 2021 year well in the rear view.

For the Rams, they’ll be playing their 17th game in Week 16 against the Baltimore Ravens on January 2nd. But then Sean McVay has to regroup his team to face the 49ers — in San Francisco — in the season finale one week later. For the division?

It’s possible!

To review ALL 17 games, I recorded a solo episode of Pod-TST this week and discussed my quick thoughts on the preseason, the first half, and the difficult slate in December and January. My initial thoughts?

The LA Rams can absolutely win that all-important NFC bye week. But it will not come easy.

You can listen to the full 36-minute breakdown right here. There isn’t a timecode guide this time, but as you can imagine, I go in the order of the schedule.