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Aaron Donald’s high school highlights are silly

As you would expect

77th Annual Maxwell Football Club Awards Dinner Press Conference Photo by Bill McCay/WireImage

Aaron Donald was the best football player to enter the NFL in the 2010s. There, I said it, and it’s the truth! Similar to Lawrence Taylor in the Eighties, Donald was immediately one of the top-five defensive players in the league as a rookie, and within a few years, one of the top-five players in the NFL, period. Now maybe only in the middle of his prime, Donald has consistently been called the best non-quarterback in the league but he’s also probably better than most, if not all, of the quarterbacks.

And yet Aaron Donald was not that highly sought after as a college recruit in 2010, ranking as a three-star prospect who wasn’t even nationally ranked by Rivals. This is in spite of the fact that Donald was productive and exciting as a high school player at Penn Hills.

Donald recorded 11 sacks and 15 TFL as a senior but was only the 37th-ranked defensive tackle in the nation. He chose Pittsburgh over teams like Toledo, Rutgers, and Akron.

Check out a few of his sacks below. You can find Donald by looking for the kid who is destroying everything: