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How will Rams use remaining 2021 cap space?

Les Snead could have some options

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Pittsburgh Steelers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like I can hardly remember it now given the fact that ramping up for 2021 free agency feels like years ago given the fog that is months of draft preparation, but the LA Rams were meant to be in “salary cap hell” right now. What I do remember is cautioning people against worrying about financial details of NFL teams because a) There’s always ways around salary “issues” anyway and b) We wouldn’t know what to do with the real information even if Les Snead directly e-mailed fans with updates every day.

As expected, the Rams restructured some contracts and constantly worrying about whether or not they’d be able to afford a full roster again would have again proved pointless.

Expertly noted by Cameron DaSilva of Rams Wire this week, the Rams should have about $6.14 million in 2021 cap space after signing their rookie class. “Will Snead even have enough money to draft any players?!” Yes, the answer is always yes.

At this point, we can’t even say if the amount of cap space will continue to increase for the Rams because there are some veterans left who’ve yet to make the team. And there are also some potential needs that could be filled if a veteran on another team becomes a cap casualty prior to Week 1.

Like, say, a center. Or a cornerback. Or a longsnapper. Or the Rams could hang onto all of their cap space and roll it over to 2022, when they’ll once again be in “salary cap hell.” Allegedly.

What do you think the Rams should do with that $6.14 million?