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Daniel Jeremiah must have hated the Rams 2021 draft too

LA hasn’t gotten good scores for their draft this year, which probably means that the future is bright

NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The LA Rams made nine draft picks last weekend, but that didn’t keep them from scoring fewer points than all but one team — the Seattle Seahawks, who only made three picks total — according to a “fun exercise” done by NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah.

Jeremiah shared his results on Twitter after assigning each of the players on his top-150 big board a point total based on their ranking, then added them up for each team. Even though the Rams were tied for the seventh-most prospects drafted in 2021, they finished with the second-lowest point total for Jeremiah’s liking.

Of course, this also meant that LA had fewer points per prospect than any other team and it’s not even close.

No, I don’t think drafting more offensive linemen would have necessarily helped their case in this one instance. It would depend on how much Daniel Jeremiah liked that offensive lineman as compared to whoever the Rams picked instead and we also have to keep in mind that these are only his top-150 prospects; Les Snead only made one pick in the top-100 overall selections after he traded down from 88.

That is because the Rams have the best cornerback in the NFL. If the Rams didn’t have Jalen Ramsey, they would have had more of Daniel Jeremiah’s points.

(Writer’s note: I didn’t hate Snead’s draft one bit.)