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Sean McVay talks OTAs

More on Matthew Stafford, the center position, and practicing again

NFL: Los Angeles Rams OTA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Rams have been practicing! Here is proof of Matthew Stafford in a Rams helmet and running around the practice field:

NFL: Los Angeles Rams OTA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

See, I wasn’t lying.

Rams head coach Sean McVay also told his truth on Friday when he met with the media and discussed how things were going at OTAs, as Stafford practices with his new team for the first time.

McVay answers questions on:

  • Tutu Atwell returning punts
  • Matthew Stafford, DeSean Jackson learning the playbook
  • Practice restrictions of 2020 vs new reality of 2021
  • Are any rookies ‘standing out’?
  • Building a foundation with players in OTAs, getting them prepared for training camp
  • Guys who are there vs guys who are not during the voluntary period
  • Stafford’s relationship with his new teammates
  • This is about the midway mark right here (10:00 minutes)
  • Joint practicing with Cowboys, Raiders
  • Austin Corbett at center
  • Andrew Whitworth back at 39
  • Bobby Evans at right guard
  • Why the Rams didn’t draft a center
  • Training camp in Irvine
  • More on Evans, Corbett
  • Is there anything Stafford is struggling with at this point?