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NFL sets 2022 salary cap ceiling at $208.2 million

Rams would be “up against it” and then some

Otto Graham, Gary Beban With Contract

According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, the NFL has set a limit of $208.2 million for the 2022 salary cap. This does not mean that the cap is $208.2 million, it just means that would be the ceiling. As Graziano notes, that is a 14-percent increase from this year and if 2021 revenues “call for a cap” figure higher than that, the money will be used to “pay back the $17 million in player benefits that were canceled” because of last year’s circumstances.

At OVERTHECAP, they’ve established that the Rams have $211.2 million in liabilities for 2022, meaning that they’ll need to make some moves just to get under the cap maximum. It could turn out that the cap is more like $205 million, in which case LA would have even more work to do.

The Rams could save money a few ways, including an extension for Matthew Stafford, restructuring Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey again, or releasing Andrew Whitworth to save $13 million. Coincidentally, I wrote about the Rams’ 2022 salary cap situation this morning when I discussed possible extension candidates.

Now we probably know what the maximum cap number will be, at least.