The Rams UDFAs....and who they SHOULD have signed

The Rams signed around a dozen UDFAs, which they do every year. The confusing part is why they chose some of these guys, who are extremely limited athletically. While I don't subscribe to drafting a guy specifically on his workouts, I would MUCH rather have a guy with an outstanding workout number than a WR who isn't real big and runs a 4.8 40. That's comically slow for any skill position. Good TEs run faster than that. Also, I don't know if UDFAs have to be signed in the same draft order as the draft, and nobody has answered that question for me, and I've posted it several times.
Anyway, here are a few players with great athletic skills the Rams should have signed instead of some of the poor stiffs they signed.
Tamorrion Terry WR FSU
Cade Johnson WR South Dakota State
If the Rams were going to add WRs anyway, these guys are much, MUCH better than the guys they picked. It was almost like they purposely picked guys who have NO chance to make the team. I don't see any way...special teams or anything...that Haydel or Akers would be more valuable than these 2.

Dylan Moses LB Alabama
Justin Hilliard LB Ohio St
Moses was a 5 star recruit headed for a brilliant career and a possible #1 draft choice before suffering a bad injury. He'd be well worth a flier as a UDFA if he can recover, and if he can't, you don't lose anything. Hilliard was a playmaking, very fast LB for the Buckeyes. Either of these guys is worth 15 Max Roberts.

Matt Bushman TE BYU
Tony Poljan TE Virginia
Both of these guys are big (6'5" and 6'6") TEs who can catch, run, and block. Sure, I don't know if they'd make the team, but both of them are much more talented than any of the guys the Rams signed.

David Moore G Grambling
Tommy Kraemer C Notre Dame
2 big positions of need for the Rams, and both were rated among the top 200 players available. No reason not to give them a shot. I can't believe either of them isn't better than Jamil Demby.

Trill Williams CB Syracuse
Tarq Thompson S San Diego St
D J Daniels CB Georgia
Williams has size and speed, as does Thompson, who hits like a truck. Any of these 3 is a vast, vast improvement over the DBs they chose instead. Most of these players I listed would have a good chance to make the team in some capacity.
I hope I'm dead wrong, but I think the Rams fumbled this collection of UDFAs. And there were PLENTY others they could have grabbed.
Trevon Grimes, Darius Stills, Kenny Yeboah, and Marvin Wilson for starters.