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Kurt Warner does film study on Aaron Donald

Plus his thoughts on Matthew Stafford

2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game: Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys

They’re both all-time greats for the Rams. Come to think of it, have Kurt Warner and Aaron Donald ever been seen together in the same room??? Well, on Friday they were on the same room — kinda — it was just a film room.

Donald was there in film.

Rams Hall of Famer Kurt Warner has been doing tape study on his YouTube channel for the last three months and this past week he finally turned his attention to his old team. On Friday, that meant a breakdown on the NFL’s best defensive player, Aaron Donald.

That’s not all.

Three days ago, Warner posted a video on why Matthew Stafford “will be a difference maker” for the Rams.

And then he posted his thoughts on whether or not LA will repeat as the number one defense, or at least get close to it. Of course, Donald is the main reason why they could repeat, and Warner’s thoughts on the matter should be taken into account. Even if they’re legends on different sides of the ball.