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Jalen Ramsey’s message to Bears fans: ‘STFU’

The buildup for Week 1 is already happening

Florida State Football Pro Day Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Jalen Ramsey went to his Instagram stories on Tuesday to send a message to Chicago Bears fans: “stfu”

Ramsey has apparently been frustrated with the amount of comments he’s seen online about — Darnell Mooney? — and what he’ll be able to do against the Rams when Chicago comes to SoFi Stadium in Week 1.

“Can’t wait til week 1 so all these lame ass Bears fans can stfu about they number 2 wr. It’s funny kus they kno better too,” said Ramsey, with a total of three crying laughing emotions.

What’s been unclear, even in Chicago, is if Ramsey is referring to Mooney or if he’s calling Allen Robinson a “WR2” because obviously his main gig will be shutting down the Bears’ number one receiver. There has been some speculation that it is over one play that happened during last year’s matchup between the two teams, in which Mooney may have got one over Ramsey unexpectedly.

Not all Bears fans disagree with Ramsey by the way:

The hype for a game in September has already begun.