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4 Rams videos for a Sunday: Stafford, W-L record, and predictions

Schedule predictions, playoff predictions, and Matthew Stafford

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

As I often do, I went scouring YouTube for Rams-related content. Here are a few videos to share from the last week about the LA Rams.

Colin Cowherd is high on the acquisition of Matthew Stafford, same as me

After the schedule was released, Cowherd focused on teams that caught a “break” with the announcement. He’s high on the acquisition of Stafford and notes that he “inherited” a bad franchise and now he won’t be “invisible” anymore with the Rams.

Rams open with the Bears, Colts, Bucs, Cardinals, and Seahawks, with three of those games at SoFi Stadium. In case you missed it, here’s an interview of Stafford by Cowherd from last month:

Marcellus Wiley picks Rams to win the NFC West

Same as Cowherd, Wiley was high on LA’s prospects following the schedule release. Emmanuel Acho talks about the importance of the Rams’ first five games and if they’re 4-1 in Week 6, they’ll have every right to be confident.

“Rams Talk” predicts the 2021 schedule outcomes

YouTuber “Trent” at “Rams Talk” goes over the 17-game schedule and gives his opinions on how the record will play out.

The Rams Talk YouTube description: “I like the Rams, you like the Rams - let’s talk about our Los Angeles Rams!” Simple, straightforward, I like it.

Our old friend Jake Ellenbogen noted that NFL Network’s Cynthia Frelund excluded LA from making the playoffs in her latest prediction

We’ve been promoting Ellenbogen around here since last year and no different today. NFL Network’s Frelund, known as an analytics expert — “Mostly NFL Data Science” according to her Twitter — didn’t choose the Rams to make the playoffs in spite of her model favoring teams with a good defense. Ellenbogen is just confused about why the Rams would miss the playoffs if they add Matthew Stafford to a top-five defense and now seven teams per conference make the postseason.

“I have a hard time finding a loss on the schedule,” says Ellenbogen. That’s pretty high on the Rams, but I don’t think they’ll miss the playoffs.