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Pod-TST: What I love about Les Snead’s 4th round picks for the Rams

There’s a lot to like

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The biggest smokescreen of the 2021 draft season had nothing to do with Mac Jones. It was Les Snead saying that the Rams don’t care about 40-times.

After choosing Tutu Atwell in round two, a receiver with legit low-4.3 speed, Snead has started his day three with one of the fastest big men in the draft, a cornerback who ran under a 4.4, and a tight end whose 4.39 is the third-fastest for a 6’5 receiver since 2000.

The fastest 6’5 receiver of all-time? Calvin Johnson. (Second-fastest: Tommy Streeter.) But Streeter didn’t jump 40.5” inches and post the fastest three-cone of the year at 6.54. (6.54 is ridiculous.)

But what did I LOVE about Les Snead’s moves on Saturday? First of all, he’s not even picking 117th and 121st if not for his trade down from 88 on Friday. Second of all, he’s not trading down from 121 to 130 if not for his trade down from 88 on Friday. By moving down from 88 to 117, Snead added picks 130 and 170, giving the Rams the opportunity to draft Harris and whoever they end up select shortly after I post this.

I recapped my thoughts on the Rams’ fourth round choices and give some updated thoughts on what I liked about the Tutu Atwell selection in round two in this new episode of the Pod-TST podcast. This is considered by EVERYBODY to be the greatest Rams podcast in America right now, so check it out.