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Pod-TST: ‘Status quo or Status update?’ for all 16 AFC teams after free agency

A look at the predicted order of the four AFC divisions

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve seen what the Rams have gained (and lost) in 2021 and surely we must call it a “Status Update” for Sean McVay’s team. You may not believe that it is a status upgrade like I do, but surely Los Angeles is coming back with new looks on offense and defense next season.

What about the rest of the NFL? Which teams have gone through an update and which teams are maintaining their status quo from the 2020 season like the Bucs have done?

I started with the AFC’s 16 teams for this week’s Pod-TST.

Bills - Quo

Dolphins - Quo

Patriots - Update

Jets - Update

Steelers - Quo

Ravens - Quo

Browns - Quo (updates on defense)

Bengals -Quo

Titans - Quo

Colts - Quo (update at quarterback)

Texans - Update

Jaguars - Update

Chiefs - Quo (update along offensive line)

Raiders - Quo (updates on defense)

Broncos - Quo (update coming?)

Chargers - Update (but somewhat Quo)