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NEW: Show your support of Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, and Robert Woods with these shirts!

‘Level Up’ with a Matthew Stafford shirt!

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I don’t think any rational person disagrees with former Rams defensive lineman Michael Brockers saying that quarterback Matthew Stafford is a “level up” from Jared Goff. If they did disagree, then how do they explain the trade? I don’t recall anyone in the NFL attempting to “veto” such a ripoff deal like it’s your fantasy league.

Speaking of your fantasy league, people who do those probably also wear shirts to show support of their favorite players. I hope that Stafford is now one of your favorite players and he could also be a great choice for your fantasy quarterback. Why not pair him with Robert Woods too? And why not get shirts for both, plus Aaron Donald?

Below are three new options you can peruse!

The following products are officially licensed by the NFLPA.

Matthew Stafford, ‘Level Up’ t-shirt, hoodie, merch:

Robert Woods, ‘Bobby Trees’ t-shirt, hoodie, merch:

Aaron Donald, ‘Let Aaron Eat’ t-shirt, hoodie, merch: