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Twitter reacts to Rams drafting the lightest receiver in the last 20 years

Did the Rams reach for the lightest NFL wide receiver of the century?

Louisville v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Either you believe that Tutu Atwell is one of the most gifted exceptions of all-time, or potentially you’re just concerned that the Rams picked the lightest wide receiver to be drafted since 1999 with the 57th overall pick.

Despite drafting Van Jefferson in 2020 with their absolute favorite pick to use on a receiver — 57th — the Rams opted to go for another wideout in round two this year. It confused many people at the time, which is understandable because plenty of experts would gladly tell you that they projected Atwell as a fourth round pick, but moments before the choice I made this comment that presciently sums up my feelings on the choice:

Why the Rams might go offense here:

They just traded for Matthew Stafford. That has to change how they want to do things offensively. Things are gonna be much different than they were with Jared Goff. It’s not easy to necessarily find all those parts in free agency. Changes could be coming on offense, so they might need the right kind of OL or the right kind of tight end or the right kind of receiver. You just don’t know until you know but it makes sense to me to maybe start moving some parts around the change from Goff to Stafford.

If it’s not OL, maybe it’s a speed threat to take the top off in case DeSean can’t go. But a trade down is absolutely possible.

The reaction to the pick on Twitter was more like, “Haha.”

Of course, there were also positive responses to drafting Atwell because HE’S A VERY GOOD PROSPECT. Let’s not forget that there’s good reason to believe that he has a real chance to not only be effective, but to be a star with Sean McVay as his coach and Matthew Stafford as his quarterback.

Can he play?