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Will Aaron Rodgers be in the AFC by tonight?

Would Rodgers be joining the NFC West?

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Are the LA Rams going to be the final team to ever lose to Aaron Rodgers in a Packers uniform? Rumors of Rodgers being unhappy in Green Bay have dominated social media on Thursday, just hours before the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, with several sources saying that the San Francisco 49ers called on Wednesday to inquire about trade possibilities and that Rodgers thought he was headed back to the Bay.

Fox’s Jay Glazer reported that Rodgers is “done with the Packers” according to several sources within the league, and that the Broncos, Raiders, and 49ers have been named as potential destinations.

Mark Schlereth has said that the Denver Broncos are “as close to a done deal as it can be,” although that statement IS far from a done deal. It’s only a rumor and there are other reports that Rodgers will be extended by Green Bay.

San Francisco holds the number three pick in the draft and Rodgers is from the Bay Area, having also played his college career at nearby Cal. Would the 49ers have acquired the number three pick in the draft in order to have a stronger bullet with which to execute a trade for a veteran? The long assumed veteran of note was Deshaun Watson, but as of Wednesday it seems that Rodgers seriously entered the conversation.

Which only further clouds how committed San Francisco is to whoever they draft, if it is true that the inquired to Rodgers’ availability. If they did, will the 49ers make an even stronger push to get it done prior to the draft?

Could Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers both make the jump to the NFC West?