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2021 NFL Draft: Sean McVay, Les Snead meet with the media and talk needs, new players

Any hints on who the Rams would like to draft?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sean McVay and Les Snead met with the media on Tuesday to talk about a number of lingering topics leading into this weekend’s draft. They go into their draft strategy, a little bit about the 2021 class and the current circumstances that has greatly changed the draft prep process, and why they’re confident that DeSean Jackson can be an integral piece to the offense next season.

Some more notes on what was said in the press conference, but for the full context, let the film be your guiding light:

  • Les Snead said that as far as trading down, they’ll see if there are players with a “Pool Party Grade,” as Raheem Morris puts it. As in, they’ll throw a pool party if he’s available.
  • Who will start at center? Brian Allen, Coleman Shelton, and some guards who have position flexibility are in-house options for center and “we feel confident about it,” says McVay.
  • Les Snead is excited to see Brad Holmes work a draft with a top-ten pick for the Lions.
  • McVay is “confident” in DeSean Jackson’s current abilities, in spite of recent injuries. Snead referred to Jackson as “an older gentleman” but that recent stats and film show that over the last two seasons he’s still been as effective as some of the top young receivers.
  • McVay is happy with LA’s depth at offensive line, and talked about Bobby Evans, Joe Noteboom, Austin Corbett, and David Edwards as important pieces thanks to their versatility to play multiple positions. He also said that as far as the draft, the team isn’t expecting any rookie to come in and start next season. “If it happens it happens,” but McVay sounds like he’s expecting veterans to start at all five offensive line positions in Week 1.
  • As far as inside linebackers in the draft, Snead said it’s interesting to scout the position in the modern era and that it is a very important position to scrutinize. McVay added that as far as preparing for the draft, their “guiding light” is the tape, and then character plays an important role as well.
  • Snead discussed why the Rams signed a pretty good punter recently, but McVay confirmed that there is no punting competition for Johnny Hekker.