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Pod-TST: Previewing every offensive and defensive position for the Rams on Day 2

Who could be the best available?

NCAA Football: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

It’s impossible to know who will even be available when the LA Rams draft sometime during day two on Friday (their first pick is 57th), so good luck narrowing down their most likely target. Especially given Les Snead’s propensity, and probability, to trade down if he gets a decent offer.

But I like going over the names and doing so in the following podcast ramble has helped me circle around a few possibilities on day two, as well as what I think definitely won’t happen.

In the podcast, I reference Thor Nystrom’s position rankings — so there’s the link if you want to follow along.

For the first 15 minutes, I ramble about the 2021 NFL Draft strategy, both in general and specific to the LA Rams. In summary: maybe safer bets a la “Apple” and “Netflix” are going to be better off on day two than prospective bets on DOGE. Or maybe not!

Here is an approximate timecode of each position:

15:00 - Quarterbacks (and not overrating “QB7” or “WR13” or “OT8”)

22:30 - Running Backs

26:45 - Wide Receivers

33:00 - Tight Ends

37:30 - Offensive Tackles

45:00 - Guards/Centers

47:45 - Interior Defensive Linemen

50:45 - Edge Players

53:45 - Linebackers

56:45 - Cornerbacks

59:00 - Safeties