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Random Ramsdom: Thoughts on Malibu draft house

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General manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay will be living it up during this year’s NFL draft inside that gorgeous Malibu beach house that they rented out for next weekend’s event.

The football world is normally stuck in its’ ways — for better or for worse — so it’s nice to see some individuals trying to liven up the process that many work so hard for throughout the entire year. If there’s a chance to add a bit of lavishness and spice to what’s considered one of the most-important events of the year, why not? They don’t have a first-round pick which means they don’t have to worry about making the right/wrong move on the night with the most pressure. They can just watch what every other team is doing while getting in a few games of Marco Polo.

What a life.

For today’s discussion, I just want to hear from all of you about your thoughts regarding the Rams and their beach house war room. Do you like that the team put in the effort to make this event “different” this year, or do you prefer that your team buckle down and treat the event with the seriousness that it deserves? Let me know in the comments below.

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