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How do Rams fans celebrate the first round of the draft?

What will you be doing on day one?

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams last entered the draft with a first round pick in 2019, then they proceeded to trade back multiple times, unknowingly assuring that the franchise would go at least seven straight years without a first round pick. Barring a future trade, of course, but one that is nearly impossible in 2021.

So as usual, the Rams will be sitting out of the first round, instead enjoying day one with a glass of natural wine in one hand and Jalen Ramsey’s rights in the other.

I know that personally I find it frustrating to see LA without a day one pick given that the NFL Draft is my favorite event of the year. The first round brings the most excitement of any other day, in my opinion, and the 2021 class could be the most intriguing of the last 20 years.

The 49ers have already traded up for a quarterback. The Dolphins have already traded up for a ... a reason that nobody can figure out. Some believe that five quarterbacks will go in the top-ten, though I think the surprise of the day will be which quarterbacks do not go as early as expected.

There also might not be a defensive player picked in the top-six, or even in the single digits, with some believing that the Cowboys at 10 will be the first team to go for a prospect on that side of the ball. This is in part because of the quarterbacks, but also because of a transcendent tight end, an offensive tackle who was getting Heisman buzz in 2019, a receiver who got more than Heisman buzz, and another wideout who regularly put up 200 yards for a championship team prior to opting out of last season.

All of which makes up headlines but ignores that there could be impact day one starters at both the top and the bottom of a first round that is sure to surprise given the complete lack of clarity on which prospects actually have a first round grade this year.

So as Rams fans, it leaves some open ended questions as to how you’ll approach next Thursday’s first round:

Which spot in the draft are you most intrigued by?

Which prospect in the draft are you most excited about?

Which prospect is the most overrated?

Which team is going to be left with a bust?

Which players are going to go much later than they should?

How important is it to you to see who the 49ers and Cardinals select? And which players do you want them to stay far, far away from?

Which broadcast — ESPN or NFL Network — are you going to watch?

Will you even tune in before the Rams are on the clock on day two?

Round 1

1) Jacksonville Jaguars

2) New York Jets

3) San Francisco 49ers (from Houston Texans through Miami Dolphins)

4) Atlanta Falcons

5) Cincinnati Bengals

6) Miami Dolphins (from Philadelphia Eagles)

7) Detroit Lions

8) Carolina Panthers

9) Denver Broncos

10) Dallas Cowboys

11) New York Giants

12) Philadelphia Eagles (from San Francisco 49ers through Miami Dolphins)

13) Los Angeles Chargers

14) Minnesota Vikings

15) New England Patriots

16) Arizona Cardinals

17) Las Vegas Raiders

18) Miami Dolphins

19) Washington Football Team

20) Chicago Bears

21) Indianapolis Colts

22) Tennessee Titans

23) New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks)

24) Pittsburgh Steelers

25) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Los Angeles Rams)

26) Cleveland Browns

27) Baltimore Ravens

28) New Orleans Saints

29) Green Bay Packers

30) Buffalo Bills

31) Kansas City Chiefs

32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers