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Who is in charge of the Rams’ diet?

And how does a nutrition change his or her job to fit the needs of a football team?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Curious about nutrition and fitness? Like the Los Angeles Rams? Then it is certainly possible that you’ll be interested in this interview I found on Tuesday with Joey Blake, the head team dietitian for the LA Rams.

In this video from the “Fitness with Friends” podcast, Blake details how he became involved with the Rams in 2017, his thoughts on nutrition and diet, and specifically what roles he has with the team. Not every team has a “team dietitian” — perhaps few do? — but Sean McVay does seem like the type of coach who would request to have someone like Blake in the building at all times.

Here’s a rundown of Blake’s responsibilities, as pulled from his LinkedIn profile.

Responsible for planning of all team meals, nutritional recovery, and hydration.

Evaluate Sports Science data to incorporate nutrition recovery strategies.

Responsible for ordering and maintaining all nutrition inventory.

Manage nutrition budget containing meals, supplements, hydration, and supplies.

Conduct body composition testing and compile information for Strength & Conditioning, Sports Medicine, and coaches.

Supervise all nutrition interns and catering staffs.

Created and implemented individualized game day fueling and hydration strategies for all athletes.

And here’s your opportunity to get to know the face, name, and voice of the LA Rams’ head dietitian: Joey Blake on the Fitness with Friends podcast.

Other questions included:

How do diet needs vary by position?

How do you vary the intake depending on where you are in the season?

How do you monitor each player’s diet?

What can players do to recover quickly and effectively?

What are good nutritional habits for football players?

And if you’re just curious on what to do for your needs, Blake addresses that question at 22:00.