History says LA Rams will draft OL in 3rd round and I know who it is—

Since 2015 the Rams have drafted 3 OT’s in round 3..2015 OT Jamon Brown, 2018 OT Joseph Noteboom, 2019 OT Bobby Evans. The Rams have also used 8 draft picks on OL since 2015 that are all OT’s. Only one pick back in 2015 did the Rams draft OL that wasn’t an OT. The Rams have a certain way of drafting the OL position and its pretty clear, the Rams look for OT’s, not just to play OT but to also play OG... You could say well why is this????? In college the best most athletic OL guys play OT, but not all of them are best suited to play OT in the NFL. Still you hope there is a chance they could develop into a good OT. Its still unclear how well its worked...Noteboom has shown flashes of being a good player but he looks better suited for OT which is still a good thing, Edwards played pretty well last year at OG, Evans is still a question mark, its kind of hard to determine with very little game time but he had some decent games back in 2019 season when Evans and Edwards were both forced to play as rookies....So with this all being said I’m expecting the LA Rams to use a 3rd round pick on

Clemson LT Jackson Carman, 6’5 345lbs

reason is Rams like drafted OT’s who they can see potentially play OG. We all want bigger meaner run mauling OL guys, you dont get much bigger than 345lbs and Jackson can move some bodies on the OL in the run game.... At 345lbs if moved inside will help the Rams control the pocket better in pass protection. I still see the possibility of Jackson staying at LT... Needs to work his kick slide technique but he’s still a pretty good LT... Watch the Miami vs Clemson & Notre Dame vs Clemson tapes.. The Miami tape has Jacksons good and bad moments, Jackson due to a bad Kick step has issues vs small fast OLB types but also mauls them in the run game and gets out very well on screen plays. Notre Dame he handles the edge rushers and dominates in the run game..Jackson does very well getting up to the 2nd level and engaging on LB’s... now of of course we never know where guys will get drafted but Mocks have him late 3rd or later so he falls to where the Rams like to draft their OT’s...