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Jalen Ramsey gives thoughts on Deshaun Watson, “big brother” Aaron Donald

Calls Donald “the best player in the NFL”

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

LA Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey may not have any obvious connections to Deshaun Watson — they’ve never been teammates but they played against each other in the AFC South a few times (and they both hired David Mulugheta to be their agent) — but the two are close enough for Ramsey to have shared his thoughts on the public battle between Watson and the Houston Texans on the NFL’s Huddle & Flow podcast.

Ramsey criticized the Texans for their handling of the Watson situation, as well as past moves like trading DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for an underwhelming return, and compared it to the reasons he forced his way out of the Jacksonville Jaguars organization because he wanted to go to a team that he felt could win a Super Bowl.

“I didn’t see any more growth coming from them.”

Ramsey also felt that the LA Rams would value him more than the Jaguars, as well as giving him a better chance to develop and win. “That’s probably what Deshaun’s going through as well.”

The Watson talk begin at the 12-minute mark:

At 18:25, Ramsey is asked how serious Watson is about not playing for the Texans again and Ramsey says, “Extremely serious” and that he “highly doubts” that Watson ever does play for Houston again.

More relevant to the Rams, Ramsey starts talking about his 2020 season at the 21-minute mark and says that it was his “best season yet.” He emphasizes again that the LA franchise “values him” and won’t “pigeonhole” him to certain coverages. Ramsey says that he is unique in that he can guard a team’s top receiver one week and then slide into the slot and cover those types of players the next week and that he’s able to elevate his defensive teammates because of his abilities, comparing it to how Aaron Donald is able to lift up the other defensive linemen by his sides.

Ramsey goes onto say that he’s “never seen anyone like (Donald),” that he is the best player in the NFL, and that he should be in the conversation for MVP. Ramsey says that Donald is like a “big brother” to him in that he inspires the defense by the fact that nobody wants to “let AD down.”

There’s a full hour of Jalen Ramsey interview to listen to, so go do that for more on what the Rams’ franchise cornerback had to say.