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Pod-TST: Catching up on LA football with Bolts from the Blue

Could the Rams and Chargers both host the Super Bowl next year?

SoFi Stadium home of the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams. Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

This week on Pod-TST, I didn’t only want to speak about the Los Angeles Rams ... I also wanted to hear what’s going on with the Los Angeles Chargers. The two teams may only meet once every four years but they share a stadium and SoFi will also be home to the Super Bowl next season.

Many have speculated that the Rams could become the second team in two years to host a Super Bowl, but what about my AFC Super Sleepers?

I talked to Michael Peterson of the blog Bolts from the Blue and we shared intel on the respective LA teams we cover.

We talk about:

  • How did the Chargers do last year?
  • Expectations for Brandon Staley
  • Justin Herbert and Matthew Stafford
  • The Chargers and Rams best offensive weapons
  • Each team’s offensive line
  • The respective running backs
  • Offensive needs for each team
  • The Chargers and Rams defensive linemen and edge rushers
  • The linebackers for each team
  • LAC’s and LAR’s cornerbacks
  • The safety situation for the Rams and Chargers — Will John Johnson be a target for the Chargers?
  • Defensive needs for each team
  • The Chargers first round pick
  • 2021 Expectations
  • Will the Rams and Chargers meet in the Super Bowl?