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The Rams gave DeSean Jackson way more than expected

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When it was announced that the Los Angeles Rams were signing DeSean Jackson, it was expected to be a modest contract by today’s standards. Maybe at most he’d get the same $3.5 million that A.J. Green got from the Arizona Cardinals, or the $3 million that the Detroit Lions gave to Tyrell Wlliams, or the $1.8 million that John Ross signed for with the New York Giants.

On Thursday, Mike Garafolo reported that the Rams gave Jackson a one-year contract with a base value of $4.5 million and incentives that could take it up to $6.25 million.

If DeSean Jackson hadn’t been injured last year and was productive enough to rank in the top-70 of receiving yards, he would have been the oldest player in that group at age 34. Only Emmanuel Sanders even comes within a year of him.

Jackson has played in eight games over the last two years, catching 23 passes for 395 yards and three touchdowns with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Garafolo did not report how much of the deal was guaranteed. Jackson is set to take in almost as much cash in 2021 as Marvin Jones, Matthew Stafford’s former Lions teammate who signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars on a two-year deal. Jones’s 2021 cap hit is $4.2 million.