Speed at UCF

The University of Central Florida had some serious speed on offense last year. They ran a pro-style, very uptempo offense and scored a lot of points. And there are 2 RBs and 1 WR from UCF in this year's draft which should at least partially interest the Rams. All of them will still be there in round4 and later if the Rams decide to go linemen and CB and LB with their first 3 picks.
Otis Anderson is an RB/WR hybrid similar to how UCLA used Demetric Felton. He's 5'11" 175 and ran a 4.38 40. I searched and searched but can't find any evidence that he is related to former NFL great Ottis "O.J." Anderson, but they're both from Florida (although they went to different schools), so I would think they are related somehow. Anderson was used at returning kicks and punts as well as a RB and WR, and shows great burst and very good hands. Even though he has a slight build, he is a tough runner. There are a few videos of him. His RB mate is also in the draft...Greg McRae is 5'10" 176 and ran a 4.41. Although only an inch shorter, he looks a little thicker around the midsection, but both of these guys are sudden, twitchy, blazing fast, and can catch, and piled up a ton of yards and TDs for the Knights. There are also a few videos of McRae. The last guy I want to mention...there may be other UCF players coming out but this guy is also most interesting to Tre Nixon. 6'2" 180 and ran a 4.38 40, which is Tavon Austin territory. That is CRAZY fast for a guy that tall. Not a huge amount of video on him, but he didn't just run go routes....the tapes I saw show him on sideline and screens, and with that speed, if he gets behind the defenders, he's gone. What I saw was good hands and toughness, and if the Rams decide to wait until round 4 or 5 to go WR, I'm pretty sure he'll still be there, and having DeSean Jackson to study and learn from can't hurt.