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Will Rams have any cap casualties next week?

A look at the players who carry cap savings

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams are in one of the worst financial positions of any team in the NFL right now, but despite how things look today general manager Les Snead could get the team under the cap by restructuring several expensive deals. We can guarantee that will happen and by the time free agency begins on March 17, the Rams will probably be wherever they need to be financially.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on The Pat McAfee Show this week that teams are growing frustrated by not knowing what the 2021 salary cap will be yet. The only thing we know for sure is that the salary cap floor was raised from $175 million to $180 million. All signs have pointed towards the cap going down from the $198 million figure last season.

Even if the Rams do re-work the contracts of Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Matthew Stafford, and Robert Woods, it is feasible that some players could get released if they aren’t willing to take a pay cut. The Houston Texans restructured the contract of running back David Johnson on Tuesday to assure that he would stay on the team next season in exactly that manner.

Michael Brockers, DT

2021 cap hit: $9.83 million

Savings: $4.6 million

Post-June 1 savings: $6.5 million

Brockers nearly got away last year but returned and that was especially important after the defense took a few injury hits along the way. Has exceptional leadership and experience and his 10 QB hits and five sacks were his highest totals since 2013.

However, is Brockers a “$10 million per year” player, especially at age 31? I don’t think that question has a simple answer. His post-June 1 savings could be enough for a mid-level starting cornerback or a third receiving weapon for Matthew Stafford.

Brockers is a good player and how to approach the future with him isn’t something that has a definite right answer.

Will the Rams cut him? It’s possible but I expect that the Rams will try to avoid it.

Andrew Whitworth, LT

2021 cap hit: $11.1 million

Savings: $5.3 million

Post-June 1 savings: $7 million

Whitworth should only be a consideration if he retires. If he doesn’t feel capable of playing at a high level, hopefully he will inform the Rams before free agency begins. Otherwise, Whitworth sticks.

Will the Rams cut him? No.

Rob Havenstein, RT

2021 cap hit: $8.3 million

Savings: $5.1 million

Post-June 1 savings: $6.75 million

Havenstein was highly rated by several outlets that evaluate offensive line play. I don’t think that the team would feel comfortable going into training camp without Havenstein.

Will the Rams cut him? No.

Tyler Higbee, TE

2021 cap hit: $7.4 million

Savings: $2.6 million

Post-June 1 savings: $3.8 million

In a way, Higbee has exceeded the expectations of the contract extension at the time he signed it. He’s much more productive in the last two seasons than he was in the first three. But is he capable of being an exceptional starting tight end or do the Rams want to keep trying to find that? They were rumored to be interested in Zach Ertz. To do that, they might want to open up some more money at the tight end position. But Brycen Hopkins is a completely inexperienced number two option and LA might like to keep Higbee in any case.

Will the Rams cut him? I don’t think so but that depends on whether or not Snead has an upgrade in mind that he can attain.

Sebastian Joseph-Day, DT

2021 cap hit: $2.2 million

Savings: $2.18 million

Will the Rams cut him? No.

Kenny Young, LB

2021 cap hit: $2.1 million

Savings: $2.1 million

Will the Rams cut him? Maybe if he loses a training camp competition but I don’t think money is that tight right now.

A’Shawn Robinson, NT

2021 cap hit: $5.2 million

Post-June 1 savings: $3.75 million

It would be unfortunate to cut Robinson after only eight games and 111 snaps, but is there any chance that the Rams weren’t that impressed by what they saw? The team worked out a sweet deal to keep Robinson around after he nearly opted out in 2020 but it was easy to forget that he was even a part of the team last year. Cutting him wouldn’t save a ton of money but it might be enough to invest in another position.

Will the Rams cut him? I assume they’ll try to keep the defensive line together but if they really need savings, this appears to be the area that they’ll target. Especially if they want to try and retain Morgan Fox instead.


Should the Rams cut one of these players?

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