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LA Rams 2021 schedule: An updated look at the Rams’ opponents next season

Who are the Rams facing and have they gotten better this year?

Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

We’ve known who the Rams’ 2021 opponents would be for a while now. In fact, we already know who most of their 2022 opponents and 2023 opponents will be also. We won’t know the true “strength” of this schedule until after the season is over but there is always room for UPDATES.

So here is an updated look at the LA Rams’ slate of 2021 opponents.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers (x2)

2020 record: 6-10

Updates: The 49ers didn’t get Matthew Stafford or Carson Wentz and there’s been no indication that they have a Jimmy Garoppolo upgrade coming via free agency or trade at this point.

Arizona Cardinals (x2)

2020 record: 8-8

Updates: Signed J.J. Watt.

Seattle Seahawks (x2)

2020 record: 12-4, playoffs

Updates: Russell Wilson has been outspoken with his unhappiness regarding pass protection. Media has spent a lot of time on the rift between the quarterback and the team but the chances of any moves happening remain extremely low because of Wilson’s contract and the trade cost to acquire him.

Home Opponents

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2020 record: 11-5, Super Bowl champions

Updates: The Bucs have a number of key free agents and it is unlikely they’ll keep them all. Receiver Chris Godwin appears to be the priority and is not expected to go anywhere. Shaq Barrett, Lavonte David, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, Leonard Fournette, Antonio Brown are also free agents.

Detroit Lions

2020 record: 5-11

Updates: Traded Stafford for Jared Goff, two firsts and a third. Hired Dan Campbell as head coach and former LA staffer Brad Holmes as GM. The Lions seem to be in a position to cut veterans (they are over the cap despite a lack of talent) and to acquire future draft capital towards competing in 2022 and beyond. I expect the roster to get worse before it gets better, at least as it pertains to next season.

Chicago Bears

2020 record: 8-8, playoffs

Updates: Indications are that Mitchell Trubisky won’t return. Nick Foles is under contract but does not appear to have won the starting job for next season, if he’s even on the Bears at that point. Chicago’s been connected to Deshaun Watson and Wilson and Alex Smith but only Smith seems logically available. Their top free agent priority is Allen Robinson, a franchise tag candidate. The Bears want to improve and compete for a Super Bowl next season, but they lack cap space and a lot will depend on who starts at QB.

Jacksonville Jaguars

2020 record: 1-15

Updates: The Jaguars hired college coaching legend Urban Meyer as the next head coach and Trent Baalke as the general manager. Baalke had previously served as GM for the 49ers during their early 2010s run. Darrell Bevell, who was in the NFC West as Seattle’s OC for many years, will serve the same role under Meyer. His main job will be setting up probable top pick Trevor Lawrence for success. The Jaguars don’t seem to be on the verge of being a dangerous team next season, but they should win at least three or four more games than they did in 2020.

Tennessee Titans

2020 record: 11-5, playoffs

Updates: For most intents and purposes, it seems like the Titans will just run it back again and try the same formula that’s helped them compete for the last two seasons. Their most recognizable free agents are Jadeveon Clowney and Corey Davis.

Away Opponents

New York Giants

2020 record: 6-10

Updates: The Giants will probably focus on keeping defensive lineman Leonard Williams and he is their only priority free agent. Some cuts could come, including guard Kevin Zeitler, whose release would save $12 million. New York had a solid defense but they are in the same position as the Jets, wondering if their recent early-pick QB is actually bad or just suffering through growing pains.

Green Bay Packers

2020 record: 13-3, playoffs

Updates: Aaron Rodgers isn’t getting traded either, and contract extension talks have taken over from any “disgruntled” thoughts. Will Green Bay attempt to get Rodgers more help on offense this offseason or instead focus on a rather average defense? They also don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Minnesota Vikings

2020 record: 7-9

Updates: The Vikings would have killed for an average defense last season. But the talent appears to be there and Minnesota might be able to hold the line and still win 12 games next season.

Houston Texans

2020 record: 4-12

Updates: No, the Texans don’t get to enjoy the fruits of going 4-12 — the Dolphins hold their first round draft pick this year, third overall — but they do have Laremy Tunsil. Will he be blocking for Watson? As of now, Watson refuses to play for the Texans and the Texans refuse to believe that. I don’t think Watson will be traded and if it does come, it could go right up until the midseason deadline like how it worked with Carson Palmer oh so many years ago.

Indianapolis Colts

2020 record: 11-5, playoffs

Updates: Philip Rivers retired and Carson Wentz is wired. Is that how that meme works? I do not believe that the Colts have a quarterback upgrade there, but they have such a solid roster and over $40 million in cap space that I would buy that they’ll be improved overall. GM Chris Ballard can do just about anything he wants with the flexibility that he’s created for himself, will the Colts make the biggest moves in free agency to acquire additional weapons for Wentz?

17th Game Bonus

Baltimore Ravens

2020 record: 11-5, playoffs

Updates: If the Rams play a 17th game, as most expect, it will be against the Ravens in Baltimore. The Ravens are reportedly working on a contract extension for Lamar Jackson, though there are conflicting reports there. Baltimore’s receivers have been unhappy with the offense and how many targets they get from Jackson and John Harbaugh. But the Ravens seem to still be a team that could be dangerous on both offense and defense.


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