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Rams 2021 compensatory picks announced

What extra picks will the Rams have this year?

NFL: Super Bowl LIII Exprience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL announced the 2021 compensatory picks on Wednesday, and the Los Angeles Rams will receive three additional day two selections based on those rules: round 3, pick 101; round three, pick 104; round four, pick 142.

The Rams received a 2021 third round pick for the free agent loss of linebacker Dante Fowler, Jr to the Atlanta Falcons last year and a 2021 fourth round pick for the loss of linebacker Cory Littleton to the Las Vegas Raiders.

They will also, as expected, receive a 2021 third round pick because the Detroit Lions hired former front office executive Brad Holmes to be their general manager. The Rams will also receive a 2022 third round compensatory pick because of Holmes and the new rule regarding rewards for teams that have minority candidates hired out of their organizations to become general managers.

The comp picks help bolster LA’s 2021 draft capital, which will be lacking a first and fourth round pick because of the trade for Jalen Ramsey, and a third round pick because of the deal to acquire Matthew Stafford; the Rams will also be without first round picks in 2022 and 2023 because of the decision to acquire Stafford. Snead also traded his fifth rounder to acquire Austin Corbett in 2019.

LA holds pick 57 in the second round, as well as their original sixth and seventh rounders. All told, this gives Snead six picks in the 2021 draft, including three on day two.