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Chiefs-Bucs Super Bowl LV game thread

Talk about the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl LV - Preview Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams played one of the best Monday Night Football games in history in 2018. Since then, the Rams made the Super Bowl once and the Chiefs have now made the Super Bowl twice. Can they finally meet up for their own Super Bowl matchup against each other in a year?

For now, Kansas City will have to focus on beating the quarterback who has played in this game more than anybody else in history.

It is an interesting debate to have, whether or not Tom Brady could have helped the New England Patriots enough to make them Super Bowl competitive this season. But Brady avoided what could have looked like an easier road to the playoffs for a division that has Drew Brees and Matt Ryan. And sure enough, Brady had to make the Super Bowl as a wild card (never had to do that in New England) and he was even swept by Brees in the regular season.

But what Brady does have in Tampa that he would have never had again in New England was elite weapons around him, and because of that, the Bucs have scored 31, 47, 44, 31, 30, and 31 over their last six games. All wins.

Will the Bucs really get “blown out” today, as many are predicting? Or is this just the latest “He did what?” chapter in the Tom Brady biopic?

Talk about the Super Bowl here!