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Latest odds for Chiefs-Buccaneers Super Bowl

Tom Brady really was the deciding factor in the Bucs becoming a Super Bowl contender.

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

This year’s Super Bowl is just five days away.

That sentence, although rather basic, is actually astounding when you consider all the obstacles and turmoil that had to be fought through to get to this week. While there were quite a few scares along the way, we’re finally about to put the cherry on top of it all.

For those of you who feel compelled to look back on the year and see how we ended up with a Bucs-Chiefs Super Bowl, you can actually do that at Sports Betting Dime. This site has tracked the Super Bowl odds for every team over the past 365 days and now has their final odds for both teams playing this Sunday as we inch closer to the big game.

Unsurprisingly, the favorite to win Super Bowl 55 are the Kansas City Chiefs at -170 while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are underdogs at +145.

One of the craziest things to see is that, just one year ago today, the Bucs were a whopping +5,000 to win the 2021 Super Bowl. The Chiefs? Well, they were only +650. I have an inkling that the whole “signing Tom Brady” thing had something to do with the Bucs’ odds getting much better as the season rolled along.

Betting on Kansas City is certainly the safest way to go if you’re looking to throw some cash down. According to Sports Betting Dime, six of the past eight Super Bowl winners were from the AFC and, of course, the Chiefs are your reigning champions.

However, the reigning champs are going up against a now 10-time participant in the Super Bowl who also happens to have won six of his past nine appearances. If I could equate this game to any other sport with specific players, it’s as close to LeBron James versus Michael Jordan as you can possibly get.

The legendary old guard and the rising new generation.

Buckle up. It’s about to be a heck of a game.