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Pod-TST: Assessing Rams offseason needs and potential options

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Welcome back to Pod-TST.

Today on the weekly LA Rams podcast Pod-TST, I discuss the potential starting offense and defense if the team had to play a game today. What does that tell us about their needs this offseason and their internal options for promotions? What veteran free agents might be interested in joining Matthew Stafford in Los Angeles next year? I also discuss why J.J. Watt should want to choose the Rams as his next franchise.

You can read a proposed starting offense and defense right here. And eight reasons why I think J.J. Watt makes a lot of sense for the Rams right here. I go into further detail on the podcast.

Topics and rough timestamp:

  • Starting Offense (5 minutes)
  • Wide Receiver/Tight End Needs (7:00)
  • Interior Line Needs (11:30)
  • Starting Defense (17:00)
  • Linebacker Needs (19:00)
  • Secondary Needs (22:00)
  • What would the D look like with J.J. Watt added? (25:00)