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NFL Week 14 fan survey: Media edition

How are fans feeling about NFL media members, PFF grades, and using Twitter in 2021?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is time again to turn the tables and tap into the smartest NFL geniuses that I know in the room: The fans.

For this week’s survey, I wanted to focus on an area that is rarely evaluated with more than a passing narrative, which is how fans are feeling about the way media is delivered and consumed in 2021. I could have made this a 50-question survey and it still would not be long enough; what could be more important to our discussions on the Rams than how we are getting our information about the Rams?

But neither of us have that kind of time and I believe this short questionnaire is a great starting point to unpack just how true it is that people feel the way they feel about topics such as:

  • PFF grades and their usefulness
  • ESPN and NFL Network programming for a Zoom generation
  • Social media for players and media members
  • What LA Rams media needs to do more of and less of in 2021

There is no way to answer the question of “How do people really feel about PFF grades?” without asking the people. So I’m asking you to please participate, it should not take longer than three minutes to complete, and to let your voice be heard—at least with your power to vote! You don’t have to answer every question.


And if you want to expand on the why and the what, use the comments section below to express the points you really want to be heard. I’m always listening and I know that my job is impossible and pointless without the Turf Show Times community. So I can’t wait to find out what you have to say.