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Rams fans say: Van Jefferson underrated, OBJ was smart move, Morris in trouble

The results of the Week 13 fan survey tell us a lot about how the Rams audience likes the show

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I have always loved anonymous polling results, even if anonymous polling results can just as easily be skewed and swayed to fit into a narrative as stats, analytics, and your aunt Cathy through an 18-hour Facebook binge. But get that chunk of meat away from me because I am no skewer.

All we’re doing here at Turf Show Times is writing the questions and presenting the answers. Interpret the results at your own risk.

I asked you approximately a dozen questions about the Rams following a three-game losing streak, and in kind, you clicked some buttons. In total, over 12,000 clicks were made by you to give us approximately a dozen answers. This is how YOU — the Rams fanbase — feel about the team at 7-4 and leading into their Week 13 matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Polling results at good times can be interesting.

Polling results at bad times can be used as weapons.

No Rams fans are satisfied with how the season has gone

Win or lose vs Jaguars, most Rams fans say they’ll still support Sean McVay

And 91 percent of you expect the Rams to beat the Jaguars

On one hand, the most popular answer for Sean McVay to this question was “10 out of 10”. That’s good for McVay. But when over 90 percent of respondents EXPECT YOU TO WIN that game, it becomes a different issue entirely if the Rams really do lose to Jacksonville.

It will matter how that happened, if it happens, but not that much. Barring an injury to Matthew Sta— No, actually, there’s no excuse for it. The Jaguars didn’t pour much of anything into the efforts to win in 2021, while LA gave away everything.

However, it’s a different LA Rams scenario than the past when 45 percent of Rams fans voted a “5” or lower.

Over 50 percent of Rams fans say that Raheem Morris can be fired right now, while 62 percent are ready to part with Joe DeCamillis

If the Rams defense plays poorly against Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars, then it appears that over 80 percent of fans will want McVay to fire Morris as defensive coordinator.

Meanwhile, nearly 63 percent are ready to see DeCamillis replaced (with whom?), but the rest of voters said that we can’t pin the blame on a special teams coach.

Almost half of you believe McVay is at fault for the losing

Raheem Morris got about half as many votes, and Matthew Stafford was in third place. I didn’t mean to be so harsh as to single out Troy Reeder here, but had to think of some other player besides Stafford and Reeder has been atrocious in pass coverage over the losing streak.

Rams fans expect a final record between 9-8 and 11-6

Over 34 percent of you now expect LA to finish with a 10-7 record, followed in popularity by 11-6, 9-8, and 12-5.

If we had held this poll before Week 1 — or after Week 8 for that matter — the results might be more like 14-3 or 15-2. In fact, I did ask this question in late October and here were the answers then: 29 percent voted “14-3 or better” and then 40 percent voted 13-4, followed by 24 percent to finish 12-5.

That means that a little over a month ago, 93 percent of Rams fans expected the team to go 12-5 or better.

Today, almost 90 percent of Rams fans expect the team to finish 11-6 or worse.

What a difference a few special teams gaffes and pick sixes can make.

Fans remain confident in Matthew Stafford, OBJ acquisitions, on the fence about Von Miller

Are fans really beginning to think that Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff are “essentially the same quarterback”? No, I don’t think so. It seems like another narrative pushed by the few to influence the many. Thanks to the “performance” of the Lions this season, the Rams continue to look smart for making this change at quarterback.

But right now, only 27 percent of Rams fans think that trading two day two picks for Von Miller at this stage in his career was a “smart move” and that could change if Von makes a few plays on Sunday.

Van Jefferson is the most underrated Rams player this season