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Cooper Kupp is getting an insane amount of Pro Bowl votes, is MVP next?

Thursday is the final day to vote for the Pro Bowl, which totally does make sense and doesn’t ignore the most critical part of the season

Syndication: Arizona Republic Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Pro Bowl voting ends on Thursday and if you want to vote for your favorite LA Rams to get the nod and the bonuses, you better go do it now. You can do it on one of those ballots, or through Tweets and Retweets for your favorite players, few of whom are getting more love this season than Rams receiver Cooper Kupp.

As of the most recent public voting numbers, Cooper Kupp has the third-most votes of any player, behind only running back Jonathan Taylor of the Colts and tight end Travis Kelce of the Chiefs. As you can tell, it doesn’t just help to be a superstar — like fourth-place Tom Brady — but also to dominate your position like nobody else.

Taylor has over 300 more rushing yards than second place Joe Mixon.

Kelce only has one tight end pushing him for the NFL lead, and that’s Baltimore’s Mark Andrews.

And Kupp is having one of the all-time most dominant seasons by a wide receiver: 113 receptions (21 more than second place), 1,489 yards (201 yards), and 12 touchdowns (one more TD than Mike Evans).

In fact, I would say that if Kupp manages to get 511 or more yards over his last four games, there’s a chance that the 50 voters for MVP will end up awarding him more points for the award than any other player. Giving Kupp an outside chance now of doing something that Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, and no other receiver in NFL history has managed to do.

And I don’t even think that Kupp has had a single game this season that has reached the highs he is capable of—his single-game highs are 130, 156, and 163 yards this year, all of which were ridiculously impressive (six of his nine career-best games in yards have happened in 2021), but we know that Kupp is capable of putting up 200 yards.

It is also fair to say:

  • The Rams plan to continue “airing it out” as much as reasonable
  • Sean McVay would like to see Kupp make history
  • With Robert Woods on the shelf and nobody else on the offense commanding attention, Kupp will continue to get a heavy share of Matthew Stafford’s targets

LA next faces a Seattle Seahawks team that ranks 32nd in passing yards allowed, and a defense that has allowed five different players to go over 120 receiving yards this season including Woods, who had 12 catches for 150 yards; Kupp had 92 yards in the first meeting against Seattle but now Woods has been replaced by Odell Beckham, Jr.

Then a Vikings team that has allowed eight receivers to top 100 yards; a Ravens team that has also seen eight receivers go over 100, and Ja’Marr Chase go over 200; then finally, the San Francisco 49ers.

Kupp had 11 catches for 122 yards in the first meeting against the 49ers.

Pro Bowl voting ends on Thursday, so we already have Cooper Kupp’s resume for that and it is spectacular. MVP voting doesn’t take place until the week after the regular season. Kupp’s resume for that is just getting started.