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McVay: I have total confidence in Matthew Stafford

The Rams head coach and several players spoke to the media after LA’s 36-28 loss to the Packers

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The 7-4 Los Angeles Rams fell to the Green Bay Packers by a final score of 36-28. It was a game that seemingly toppled back and forth between a near blowout and a close contest. In the end, LA could not overcome the self-inflicted errors. After the game, Sean McVay addressed those mistakes and refused to put it all on quarterback Matthew Stafford.

McVay on the Rams continuing to turn the ball over

“Pretty self-explanatory. A lot of the same narratives. We turned the ball over too many times. You can’t get behind against a good football team like that...We’ve got to stop with some of these self-inflicted wounds.”

Turnovers were once again LA’s downfall; the Rams had three giveaways and a turnover on downs. The Rams may have a loaded roster, but they are not a good enough team at this moment to overcome all of these errors.

McVay on Matthew Stafford’s health

“You’ll have to talk to him about that. The only time that he was limited with a practice routine was when he was on the injury report a few weeks back.”

There have been reports the Stafford is playing through a host of injuries. It’s hard not to believe those stories, especially with how the ball has been off the mark over the last month or so.

McVay not criticizing Stafford publicly

“I’m not interested in revisiting the past and some of the things that haven’t always gone the way we wanted to. There’s a lot of different snaps, there’s a lot of things he’s done at a high level...It’s not always exclusively on him. We got a guy that has great ownership. I got great confidence in this guy. I’m not going to sit here and criticize our players...I have total confidence in Matthew Stafford.”

Stafford’s turned the ball over way too much as of late but a lot of this has to fall on the coach. While running the ball more, incorporating jet sweeps back into the offense, and increasing the number of snaps under center may not fix everything, they should be considered. The scheme that “protected” Jared Goff should be reinstalled immediately, instead of so much drop back pass out of the gun.

McVay on the decision to go for it on fourth down

“Felt like it was a short conversion. I felt like we were getting good removal with the opportunities we had in the run game. We hung on a backside combination too long and (Adrian) Amos ended up triggering and he was the one that hit it backside. Really a fundamental mistake on our part, not having enough situational awareness.”

I personally feel like the lack of situational awareness was the decision to go for it so early in the game from their own 29 yard line. On the broadcast, Troy Aikman stated how desperate the fourth down attempt felt at that time in the game. I concur.

Troy Reeder on the Rams inconsistent play

“I think we’re playing really, really good at times, and then we are making some mistakes that are costing us in all three phases of the game.”

That sounds about right. Even in this game, the LA defense had moments where they stepped up, like holding the Packers offense to three points on a short field after the Rams offense turned the ball over on downs. There just weren’t enough of those moments.

Reeder on the special teams miscues

“Guys need to buy in and be individually the best that they can be snap in and snap out...We gotta stay locked in, not beat ourselves on (special) teams; possess the ball, don’t jump offsides, be locked into the moment. At some point, we’ve got to find a way as a special teams unit to make a play that can change the game for our offense and defense.”

Rookie cornerback Robert Rochell was able to jump on the ball after Randall Cobb muffed the fair catch attempt. Unfortunately there were too many other issues on special teams, including a fumble on a punt return, and an offsides penalty that extended a drive which negated any opportunity for LA’s offense to steal some points before half.

Jalen Ramsey on speaking to the team

“Words don’t mean nothing. At the end of the day, it ain’t gonna matter what anybody says. We gotta go out there and we gotta play better.”

The defensive backs give up way too many free releases. Defensive coordinator Raheem Morris continues to allow opposing wide receivers to run their routes unimpeded. Jamming receivers at the snap or at least playing closer to the line of scrimmage may have given the pass rush that little extra time needed to get to Rodgers.

Ramsey on the offense continuing to the turnover trend

“It’s just the hand that we’re dealt sometimes and we gotta deal with it. That’s part of NFL football. Yeah, it’s frustrating. I’m not going to act like it’s not frustrating...We’re not going to point the finger at the offense and be mad at them. Do they need to correct that stuff? Of course...If things don’t go our way sometimes, and the offense turns the ball over, then we have to find a way to get the turnovers.”

Ramsey was clearly frustrated but was honest and concise with his assessment of the offense recently putting the defense in bad situations. Los Angeles is just not playing complementary football on offense, defense, or special teams right now.

Van Jefferson on the Rams still figuring out how to move on without Robert Woods

“Robert Woods is the heart and core of this team. He’s a warrior. There’s no replacing Rob. We just gotta keep going.”

Jefferson added that the Rams have the pieces to still make plays in the receiving game, especially with the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. He emphasized the importance of continuing to play with confidence, though things are not going the Rams way right now.

Stafford says he’s ok

“I’m feeling fine, to be honest with you...I’m not too worried about that to be honest with you. Nothing that’s affecting my play.”

I’m not buying it. I don’t know if I’m looking for an excuse for some of the errand throws or not, but I think Stafford is more banged up than he is admitting.

Stafford analyzes his two turnovers

“Wish I could have held on to the ball on the first one. And then the second one, I thought Rasul (Douglas) made a nice play. I kind of as I was moving lost vision on him and (he) did a nice job driving on it.”

Stafford again gave the opposition an early chance at points, which Aaron Rodgers graciously accepted. Rashan Gary hit Stafford’s throwing arm while the quarterback was surveying the field, causing the ball to pop out and Douglass was able to intercept Stafford and return it for a touchdown.