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Rams-Packers Instant Reaction: That was UNACCEPTABLE by Sean McVay

Not going to cut it.

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The LA Rams were 7-1 at one point and that included a win over the defending champions—for the second year in a row.

The Rams are now 7-4 and none of the last three contests have come close to being a win for Sean McVay or Matthew Stafford, so both have come under fire for falling short of the reasonably high expectations that fans had for them coming into the season. In retrospect, wins over the Texans, Lions, Giants, and Seahawks start to look like...

Wins over the Texans, Lions, Giants, and Seahawks.

Can Sean McVay coach the Rams to wins over good teams? He’s going to have to because there are more than a couple left on the schedule and suddenly Week 13’s contest against the Jaguars is a must-win.

In the longest and most-heated edition of the Turf Show Times INSTANT REACTION PODCAST yet this year, Blane Dydasco and I spend an hour ranting about how unacceptable the last three performances have been for a franchise that made moves that were meant to create a juggernaut. Blane rates every position on a 1-10 scale and we talk about how likely it is to see improvement over the final six games. And I compare the Rams lack of shining moments in between their stars to looking up at the night sky from the light polluted Los Angeles and only seeing the void.

This isn’t just a reaction—it’s a RANTACTION. After only ever having experienced defending Sean McVay, the final two minutes of Sunday’s game has tested my belief in him as a smart game day coach. There were too many choices on Sunday that would not belong to a top-10 coach in the NFL and now the Rams have lost three in a row.

Can he find a way to win at least four of the final six?