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Sean McVay on the Los Angeles Rams using Jalen Ramsey to shutdown opposing top wide receivers: “It’s not quite as simple.”

Sean McVay wraps up first half of season and looks forward to big things from Rams’ newest additions following the bye week

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Head Coach Sean McVay and the 7-3 Los Angeles Rams prepare for a pivotal Week 12 showdown at Lambeau Field against the 8-3 Green Bay Packers. After losing two in a row, this is a must win game for both the playoff standings and overall morale of the team. McVay sat down with Super Bowl champion D’Marco Farr and J.B. Long to discuss his thoughts on the first half of the season and looking forward towards the Green Bay Packers.

Emphasizing the importance of ball security

“It’s about turnovers and takeaways. Other than points, over the course of time there’s no better indicator of winning and losing football games. For our team, when we’ve been even or even just plus one or more than that, we’re 7-0 and we’re in the negatives we’re 0-3.”

Ball security has been an issue in the Rams’ last two games, with a total of four turnovers in those contest while only generating one takeaway during that stretch. Making matters even worse, the offense surrendered a pick six in each of those games.

Odell Beckham was rushed into action due to injury to Robert Woods

“It’s really a credit to Odell, to be able to get lined up and even play a handful of snaps like he was. He’s a really smart, conscientious guy. If you said you’re going to get him in there and you’re only going to really have one practice with him that’s not even a full speed practice and he’s going to go out there, have a couple catches play a big role in some of the things that we were able to do in the little bit of success that we were able to have, I think that’s a real credit to him we’ll look to build on that.”

McVay emphasized that they were forced into using Beckham against the San Francisco 49ers. Thankfully the bye week fell at the perfect time to get Von Miller and Beckham caught up to speed.

Woods is in good spirits following his season ending injury

“I think he’s doing really well. I think he’s at piece with it. He’s going to attack his rehab the right way. Surgery will be coming up for him shortly. He’s such a special part of this team, this organization. He’s meant so much to us for the last handful of years. You don’t ever replace a player like him but there will be some moving parts that we’ve got to figure out how to fill a major void that was left. It’s a bummer.”

Dreams of seeing the trio of Beckham, Woods, and Cooper Kupp line up with Matthew Stafford at the helm we’re quickly turned into nightmares as Woods tore his ACL just days before the 49ers game.

Final takeaways from Stafford’s performance in the last two games

“Well I think the Tennessee game, there was a couple plays that were very uncharacteristic. You look at when he’s trying to just make a play. It’s one of those unlucky deals where, throws it right to (David) Long and he ends up making a good play and then (Kevin) Byard ends up doing a great job on a kind of a quick game concept... Then you look at it against the ‘Niners the ops (opportunities) were really minimal. The first one, it was a little miscommunication on the first drive. The second one, I mean that’s one of the freakiest tips I’ve ever seen.”

McVay added he felt like Stafford played well against San Francisco, but the team was plagued by drops, especially on third down.

Thoughts on Von Miller’s first game as a Ram

“I thought he did a nice job, definitely felt his presence. To their credit, we didn’t get them in a lot of those known passing situations where you really get a chance to pin your ears back and come off the football, but I thought he was physical at the point of attack defending the run. You can see why he’s a special player and I think he’s going to build on it.”

Miller will certainly get his fair share of sacks with L.A. this season as he teams up Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd, who is expected to play against the Green Bay Packers after suffering a concussion during the 49ers game.

How much has McVay heard the rumblings demanding that Jalen Ramsey finally be tasked with taking away an opposing team’s best receiver?

“None. I think in a lot of instances, what I would say is, we are on the same page in that regard. But there’s a lot of moving parts and it’s not quite as simple as ‘just do that.’ What kind of coverages are you playing? How does that thin out the integrity of it? We’re not always playing man coverage where you can just be sticky on guys. There’s an element of you need to be able to mix it up; play some zones, play some man. In order for Jalen to be able that versatile piece, you still have other people that can fill those voids elsewhere. So, I got you but there’s a lot of layers to it.”

Just put Ramsey on Davante Adams and figure out the rest.