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Rams fan survey results: Which position do fans favor at the trading deadline?

After acquiring Von Miller on Monday, will the Rams add another player on Tuesday?

Los Angeles Rams v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams acquired pass rusher Von Miller on Monday, and while having a superstar threat alongside Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd is exciting, the move does not quite address the team’s supposed “needs” at Tuesday’s trading deadline. The good news is that the play of a third round rookie on Sunday might help shore up one of those potential holes on the roster.

The bad news is that LA is running out of resources.

Following Sunday’s 38-22 win over the Houston Texans, I posted a five-question survey to the Turf Show Times community. One of those questions addressed what the Rams should do at the trading deadline and whether or not inside linebacker or cornerback was the team’s greatest need.

With 235 Rams fans checking in, 43 percent voted that Les Snead should trade for an inside linebacker, while 32 percent favor a cornerback.

That’s 75 percent of Rams fans who want either of those two positions, while only 9 percent of fans said that LA should not make a trade on Tuesday. Most of these votes were cast prior to the acquisition of Miller but he does not really address the issues at linebacker after the team parted ways with both Micah Kiser and Kenny Young during the season.

However, rookie Ernest Jones played well enough on Sunday against the Texans for me to believe that inside linebacker is not as dire of a need as it appeared to be the day before.

Only five Rams fans total voted for the team to acquire a wide receiver, but the Cleveland Browns are dealing with a disgruntled situation involving Odell Beckham, Jr. Though OBJ has been a shell of his former self in the last two seasons, there’s hope that the 29-year-old can reignite the flame similar to what Antonio Brown has done with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

OBJ is best friends (it seems) with LeBron James and it would not at all be surprising to think that he would prefer to play in Los Angeles over almost any other city in the country. However, the Rams would have a hard time paying his remaining salary in 2021 (over $8 million) or taking on his $15 million cap hit in 2022, especially given that we aren’t positive that he’s going to rebound.

He’s honestly been so bad this season.

One inside linebacker on the market is thought to be Jacksonville’s Myles Jack, but the Packers also released the recently-released Jaylon Smith on Tuesday.

The cornerback market ranges all the way up to Xavien Howard, the 2020 Defensive Player of the Year, but again, that would be a difficult mountain for Snead to climb at this point following the Miller trade.

Here’s what else Rams fans said after the game. Make sure to check back next week again for more Instant Fan Polling Reactions after the Titans game on Sunday night.

Game MVP: Matthew Stafford by a lot

Needs to Step Up: Tutu Atwell

That improvement will have to wait until 2022.

Rams 2021 win total: 13-4, followed by 14-3

Over 70 percent of Rams fans think the team will win 13 or 14 games, while another 14 percent think they will go 15-2 or 16-1.

A 14-3 record will require a 7-2 finish.

Special Teams coordinator: 75 percent of fans are uncomfortable with Joe DeCamillis

Only 24 percent of fans said that the Rams should not make a change at special teams coordinator. I think this is a practical approach. The Rams also just lost Travin Howard and Johnny Mundt, two key special teams contributors. DeCamillis deserves more time to get it together, but if the Titans recover an onside kick next weekend, those 24 percent of fans might reach the breaking point.