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LA Rams vs SF 49ers MNF: 2nd quarter game thread

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams are not off to an ideal start.

Matthew Stafford has been intercepted on both drives that happened in the first quarter and on the other side of the ball, the San Francisco 49ers had an 18-play touchdown drive that took up nearly the entire period. The 49ers lead 14-0 despite the fact that LA got the ball to start the game.

Odell Beckham has a five-yard catch in his Rams debut.

Jimmy Garoppolo went 5-of-5 for 38 yards and a touchdown on San Francisco’s touchdown drive. George Kittle, a noted Rams hurter, has three catches for 33 yards. The Niners carried the ball 13 times and gained 50 yards against the less popular “bend AND break” defense.

That’s the end of the first quarter and a 14-0 lead for the Niners. Talk about the second quarter right here. Upvote the best comments but more importantly, make the best comments.