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Rams fans show overwhelming support for Les Snead’s 2021 flurry off trades, signings

Odell Beckham, Jr., Von Miller, and Matthew Stafford have all made their way to LA in the last year

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

When I opened this week’s 10-question poll for Rams fans about the state of the team, the upcoming Monday Night Football matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, and the “concern” for tight end Brycen Hopkins, the roster was slightly different. And Odell Beckham, Jr. was not yet a free agent.

Or a member of the Los Angeles Rams.

That changed on Thursday, when Odell Beckham, Jr. signed a one-year contract with the Rams, a move that happens the week after LA traded two day two picks for Von Miller. The three biggest names in the NFL to change teams this year were Beckham, Miller, and Matthew Stafford, and all three went to the Rams.

Does Les Snead and Sean McVay deserve praise or criticism for pushing all-in this year? I allowed to point out that the premise of “the Rams are pushing betting the farm in 2021” is a false one? Los Angeles didn’t put the roster together starting in January with Stafford. The process that got to this point may have started when the team hired Sean McVay in 2017, or when they moved to Los Angeles in 2016, or when Aaron Donald was drafted in 2014 or when they hired Snead in 2012, or even when Stan Kroenke took majority stake in the franchise.

Choose your poison, the Rams had a playoff team a year ago, but one that probably wasn’t good enough to get to the Super Bowl. Stafford is doing more than just being the feather that tips the boat over, however the key here is that the 2021 Rams didn’t happen in 2021.

This roster is a long time coming. Will it be good enough to win the Super Bowl? Many people believe that after the additions of Miller and Beckham, it needs to be that good.

Or these results below will look much different in a couple months.

Rams fans give Snead more than just a passing grade for 2021 moves

In the results, 90 percent of Rams fans gave Les Snead an A or a B for his 2021 moves—but these votes were tallied before OBJ was signed on Thursday.

What are the grades now? Would his grade go up or down? Let me know what you think in the comments because unfortunately I wasn’t able to get an update to the poll!

Before OBJ, over 60 percent of Rams fans voted Arizona as the top team

Does the OBJ signing make anyone flip their vote from the Cardinals to the Rams?

61.1 percent voted for Arizona, while 27.1 percent voted the LA Rams as the best team in the NFC. The Buccaneers slipped to third place and maybe that’s just because it feels like Tampa Bay hasn’t played a game in two months.

Deebo Samuel edges out George Kittle at the last minute

George Kittle was the early leader in this question: Which offensive weapon on the 49ers should the Rams be most concerned with?

Though Kittle has dominated the Rams in his career, wideout Deebo Samuel edges him out here 47.3 percent to 44.4 percent. Who has more yards on Monday then: Samuel or Kittle?

Rams fans want Von and they want him NOW

Over 70 percent of Rams fans want to see Von Miller active vs the 49ers.

Yes, Rams fans are “concerned” about Brycen Hopkins

There has been some contention with using the word “concerned”, which I understand. The word was not meant to manifest emotions like you would for a family member—”I’m worried about Brycen, is he ok??”—but more like, hey, lots of fourth round picks do not make it in the league and that’s normal...however, not even a single snap?

That’s such a dramatic difference between the expectations of any player who hangs onto a roster spot for one and a half seasons without getting into a game despite injuries at his position.

The most popular response here was “the most concerned” and more than half of respondents were more concerned than not about Hopkins’ inconspicuous absence on Sundays.

Kliff or Kyle? The tide has shifted

Kyle Shanahan was praised over and over again for his work with the 49ers in spite of their usually-poor results, while Kliff Kingsbury was deemed “acceptable to trash” by the media for the first two years of his tenure.

The tide has flipped.

It is now acceptable to publicly make fun of Shanahan and you must praise Kingsbury. Fair enough: the 49ers are 3-5, the Cardinals are 8-1.

Perhaps more interestingly, Kingsbury’s air raid attack has done much better than most predicted and 58 percent of Rams fans were willing to say that Arizona’s head coach was a better offensive mind than Shanahan.

The disparity was even greater on the next question:

Kingsbury was voted as a better head coach by a 64-36 vote.

This game is important—but maybe not overwhelmingly so

Nearly everyone voted this game as a 6, 7, or 8 on an 8-point scale of importance, but if the Rams weren’t good and the 49ers weren’t kind of bad, maybe more fans would’ve gone higher in their answers.

A loss would sting, no doubt, but is this game as big as playing the Cardinals? No. Is it as big as beating the Buccaneers? Probably not. Is it as important as beating the Packers? That’s up to you! What games do you think are more important than this one?

Rams fans expect Rams win

Over 90 percent of Rams fans expect a win. And fewer than five percent think that San Francisco will rebound to make the playoffs.