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Rams News: How Odell Beckham Jr uses elite route technique to get open

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 11/12/21

Los Angeles Rams v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Odell Beckham Jr is a Los Angeles Ram. For now the forecasting begins on how the already loaded LA offense will utilize the former Cleveland Browns receiver. Cooper Kupp has been the clear number one target for LA quarterback Matthew Stafford with Robert Woods and Van Jefferson working as the second and third option usually in that order.

Here we look four plays from the Cleveland Browns vs the Chicago Bears tape from week three. This was one of Beckhams most productive games of this season with 77 yards on five receptions and a 15.4 average yard per catch.

Odell Beckham Jr. - Browns vs Bears : Video Breakdown

  • On the first play, OBJ runs an in breaking post route that takes him in front of the high safety. A basic route ran well starting with an outside push to gain a nice inside release before the break and then, likely reading the safety pre-snap and on the run to determine whether to try and break deep or cut short and look under the safety. He looks for the ball in the window and makes the catch.
  • On the second play, OBJ runs a 15 yard curl route demonstrating again high level route technique on an otherwise basic route. With his defender playing soft, OBJ pushes hard and then stutters to create a second burst that causes his defender to be accelerating to the deep area as a set up for the curl break. This creates maximum separation and the catch is made with the defender 6 yards off.
  • This time on the third play, OBJ is lined up as the number three receiver, meaning third from the outside on the left. From that slot position, he runs a ten and out. With his man playing square but soft, he starts with an inside push to get the defender to step inside and then OBJ releases to his outside but has gained some space for his out to the left, he does it again at the top of the route by pushing in before breaking out and ends up with maximum space between he and the outside receiver and his defender beat.
  • The last play is a go route from the right wide position. OBJ gets a good outside release while also keeping space from himself and the sideline. The single high safety is deep so the better shot with a receiver that gives you these options is a back shoulder throw, basically behind the receiver instead of in front. Baker Mayfield delivers a nice back shoulder throw and OBJ executes the catch perfectly with his feet in bounds helped by the route execution.

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