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Rams-Texans: Fans vote Matthew Stafford as MVP, and say Tutu Atwell needs to ‘step up’

Another strong day by Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp leads to an easy LA Rams victory

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Houston Texans Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Even though DeSean Jackson had already announced that he was getting annulled from the Los Angeles Rams prior to Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans, opening the door for Tutu Atwell to make a place for himself on the field, the day couldn’t have gone much worse for the second round receiver out of Louisville. Atwell received no targets, had three punt returns for two yards, and left the game with a shoulder injury.

Without knowing the extent of that ailment, Rams fans have voted that Tutu Atwell was by far the player who needed to “step up” the most after Sunday’s 38-22 win over the Texans.

In a short five-question post-game survey, 61.3-percent of Rams fans voted that Tutu Atwell needs to “step up”, with defensive coordinator Raheem Morris coming in second place at 20.1 percent.

(“John Wolford” and “Special teams coach” were write-ins)

There’s no chance Tutu won’t remain the “winner” of this poll, but voting remains open this Monday morning, so cast yours before they close at 1 PM PT!

There also won’t likely be a chance in the game’s MVP, but you can still vote for someone else other than Matthew Stafford. Right now, 58.3 percent of Rams fans vote that Stafford’s three touchdown-performance and early exit is enough to name him the MVP of another Rams game.

The most interesting vote that remains open is what the LA Rams should do at the trade deadline. Most fans still favor an inside linebacker over a cornerback. Do you agree? Cast your vote now!

And just in case you needed it, here are some reminders that people have said very nice things about Tutu Atwell in the past: