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NFL Trade Rumors: Should Rams trade for a LB or a CB ahead of Tuesday’s deadline?

Polls show that Rams fans are split on what to do at the trade deadline

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are making moves. Whether I mean that in the past or future tense, both would be true. The Rams are known to be shopping wide receiver DeSean Jackson, so a trade or release for Jackson is all but guaranteed. LA has also been making moves — financial ones that have cleared cap space for a potential acquisition before Tuesday’s deadline.

The additional cap space created, plus what they will gain by parting ways with Jackson, does not mean that the Rams have to make a trade however. There are other ways to use the ability to spend cash, either right now or in 2022, but most fans would probably like to see something happen and I think we should expect something to happen.

If Les Snead and Sean McVay were going to come this far, why would you stop now when the NFC is so competitive at the top and you still have four divisional games remaining? Plus road trips to Green Bay, Minnesota, and Baltimore. The “easy part” of the Rams schedule might have ended on Sunday against the Houston Texans and the only truly bad team remaining in the final nine contests might be the Jaguars.

So do Rams fans want to see Snead make a move to add a player before Tuesday?

In the early results of Sunday’s Week 8 post-game survey, 85-percent of respondents have voted that the Rams should make a trade.

Of those, 37-percent would like to see the Rams trade for an inside linebacker, while 32-percent think it should be a cornerback.

Vote Now! Results out soon!

The most popular inside linebacker on the expectant trading block is Jacksonville’s Myles Jack. If the Jaguars are comfortable parting with a 26-year-old linebacker who many consider to be one of Jacksonville’s best players, the returning trade package may be too great for Snead to meet without first round picks in 2022 and 2023. The Jaguars are thought to be looking for a deep threat receiver, however. I do not know what DeSean Jackson could possibly return in trade for the Rams, but anything would be great.

The Dolphins dropped to 1-7 on Sunday and without their own first round pick in 2022, will have nothing to show for this disappointment of a season. They do have the Eagles’ first round pick, but Philadelphia is doing fine right now. Miami had a contract dispute with Xavien Howard all offseason that was never quite resolved, so the 2020 interceptions leader is also probably looking for a new home. It would also be difficult to see how Snead could present a better offer than some other teams.

He may also not want to.

There should be a number of good values on the trading block and I would not be surprised to be writing an article about the Rams acquiring one on Monday or Tuesday.

15-percent of Rams fans have voted that they do not think the Rams should make a trade, while 9-percent have said “Other” over edge rusher and tight end. Let’s see how much those numbers could move from here.