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DeSean Jackson a popular trade target among these team’s fans

Despite his lack of production in the last three years, fans of most teams seem to want to trade for DeSean Jackson

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Training Camp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

DeSean Jackson was trending for a couple of reasons this weekend. Other than the obvious one, which is that Jackson and the LA Rams have agreed to seek a trade prior to Tuesday’s deadline, the 14-year veteran was also being mentioned again for the Miracle at the Meadowlands.

The fact that a nearly 35-year-old receiver would be trending for any reason, let alone two, despite his 31 total receptions dating back to 2019, is a testament to DeSean Jackson’s popularity as one of the most exciting playmakers of his generation. Jackson added yet another 60+ yard touchdown to his resume with the Rams this season, but overall has only been targeted 15 times in seven games.

Many players in their thirties will seek out an opportunity to play in a Super Bowl before they retire. DeSean Jackson is not one of those players. He wants the ball and he wants to be DeSean Jackson. If he’s not being DeSean Jackson, then DeSean Jackson doesn’t DeSean how to Jackson. DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson.

He knows how to get his name out there and he hates when his name isn’t out there.

With just eight catches on the year and a two-yard punt return, Jackson remains a popular trade target among veteran NFL fans. Despite no attempts from Rams fans for the team to find a way to resolve this matter and move forward with Jackson, there are many other teams that are also seeking a deep threat to add to the arsenal, as LA was when they signed him. That’s led to many fans on Twitter asking, hoping, praying for their team to trade for DeSean Jackson.

More than 20 different teams had fans asking for Jackson on Saturday morning.

If there are two GMs who feel this way, then the Rams could even manage to pull of a trade with a decent return.

















Football Team




Okay one of you teams, go get DeSean Jackson.