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Do Rams fans already want to see another change at defensive coordinator?

From Wade Phillips to Brandon Staley to Raheem Morris, Sean McVay’s gone through a DC carousel recently

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Joint Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On the surface, what could be all that wrong with the LA Rams defense right now? Under Brandon Staley as defensive coordinator in 2020, the Rams allowed 18.5 points per game (1st) and they allowed the fewest passing touchdowns in the NFL. In 2021, under Raheem Morris, the Rams are allowing 20.9 points per game (7th) and they rank second in passing touchdowns allowed.

If advanced stats are the way to your heart, then Raheem Morris is even more impressive: LA ranks fourth in DVOA on defense, fourth against the pass and 16th against the run.

But for many fans, “good” is not the feeling that they have about the defense during Rams games this season. That is largely because LA ranks dead last in plays allowed per drive, thereby living the very definition of a “bendable” defense that keeps opposing teams on the field and dares them to not make a mistake.

So far, the Morris defense ranks sixth in takeaways and the Rams are 5-0 when they force a turnover. They’ve forced at least two turnovers in five games, but are 1-1 when they don’t have a turnover, which happened against the Tampa Bay Bucs and Arizona Cardinals, the only two apparent playoff teams that LA has faced thus far this season.

On Wednesday, I opened a 2021 LA Rams survey for Rams fans and one of the questions had to do with how satisfied fans are with Raheem Morris’s defense. The results so far actually show that fans are more satisfied than not with Morris.

On a 1-10 scale, 19.3 percent of voters gave Morris a “6” and 18.7 percent gave him a “7”.

That’s 38 percent who are prepared to give Morris a “C-” or so on his report card through seven games, which is not a stellar grade but is plenty enough to expect him around for the rest of the season.

Only 4.5 percent gave Morris a “1” (Fire him now), BUT only 3.8 percent of Rams fans were willing to go with a “9” or “10” for the job he’s done so far. More people are extremely dissatisfied than extremely or very satisfied.

Perhaps worse is that 41 percent of voters answered 3, 4, or 5 with regards to their Raheem Morris satisfaction.

Most common answers:

6 - 19.3 percent

7 - 18.7 percent

5 - 15.9 percent

4 - 12.7 percent

3 - 12.3 percent

8 - 7.3 percent

Want to have your opinion added into this and you are just learning about the survey? It’s STILL OPEN and takes less than five minutes. Get in there NOW!

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