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Rams survey: A chance for fans to chime in on the 2021 team and the first 7 games

What will you have to say about Sean McVay, Raheem Morris, Matthew Stafford, and the NFC playoff race?

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

We are looking to get as many Rams fans in this survey as possible before it closes at Noon PT today. Get in here and VOTE if you haven’t already: 12-question survey about the 2021 LA Rams

I’ve already posted early some results:

-Raheem Morris approval rating

-Kenny Young trade approval rating

-Rams fans win/loss predictions

Go Vote!


The LA Rams are 6-1 and enjoying a brilliant start on offense to the 2021 season. It was only three years ago that Sean McVay led the Rams to an 8-0 start that eventually became 11-1 and ended at 13-3. That was good enough to get the number one seed.


The Rams could enjoy the front seat of the rollercoaster in 2018 but all that 6-1 has gotten McVay this season is a five-seed and a better view of an MVP-caliber quarterback. LA’s offense doesn’t score more points per game than it did in 2018 (but has ranked third in points per drive both times) and yet I think it is much better now because there isn’t such a heavy reliance on a running back to make things “go.”

The connection between Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp — or another receiver — is a much more dependable strength to lean on. We’ll see how that theory holds up over the next 10 games, but as of now, LA is happier to be 6-1 than to be anything worse than that.

How happy are you with the 2021 LA Rams?

To find out that and more, I’ve created a 12-question survey about the 2021 LA Rams, including topics like how satisfied you are now with the Matthew Stafford trade, if Raheem Morris should continue being the defensive coordinator, if Tutu Atwell is playing often enough, and which young building blocks on the team would you save, if you could?

If you clicked earlier and got stopped by a Permission warning, please click again. It is fixed now.

This survey shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes and I’ll post the results after we get a giant Santa-sized mailbag of responses.

Once again, go take the 2021 LA Rams Week 8 survey!