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Rams-Lions INSTANT REACTION: LA’s victory overshadowed by LA’s struggles

Why Raheem Morris was the topic of conversation on Sunday and how Jared Goff did in his return to LA

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The LA Rams are now 6-1. With any luck, they’ll even have one of the NFC’s top-four seeds soon.

That’s how difficult the standings could be to rise up through this season, including with the 7-0 Arizona Cardinals sitting in front of the Rams with a head-to-head victory. That’s why Sunday’s 28-19 victory over the 0-7 Detroit Lions didn’t feel satisfying.

The biggest issues seem to be with regards to run defense, but could be extended to virtually any plays on offense other than “Matthew Stafford to Cooper Kupp.” The Rams had a fine day against the Lions, but the Lions have been one of the worst teams in the NFL and they remain the only team without a win.

So many other NFL teams had blowout victories on Sunday, what prevented the Rams from being one of them? Surely the answer is not “Jared Goff.” Why wasn’t the defense pitching a shutout — and why were we letting ourselves get distracted by fake punts when the real problem was a 75-yard opening drive touchdown by Detroit?

Those were just some of the topics in this week’s Instant Reaction podcast with myself and Blane Dydasco. Go Follow Blane Dydasco on Twitter. And if you subscribe to his YouTube channel, he’ll make more Rams breakdowns every week — I expect at least 100 subs today.

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