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Daniel Jones returned to practice field, which surprised Giants head coach Joe Judge

The LA Rams are preparing to face New York and they might be less surprised than Judge on who is starting

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Is Joe Judge a prankster or has the circus in New York reached full “elephant balancing a ball on its trunk while standing on one foot inside the tent”? The Giants head coach was asked by reporters on Wednesday, four days before hosting the LA Rams for an early slate matchup, if quarterback Daniel Jones would be back at practice while he waits to be cleared from concussion protocol. Judge said no, and a reporter informed him, Jones is already on the field in a helmet and full pads.

To which Judge momentarily searched for his third-year QB somewhere beyond the pines, only to look back at the reporter and move on.

Either Judge was messing with the media or sincerely unaware, which is not as surprising as it should be for an NFL coach, but the 1-4 New York Giants surely can’t guarantee that Judge will still hold that title next year.

To be clear, Daniel Jones did not officially practice on Wednesday, but he was at practice and Judge said that he was “on track” in the concussion protocol. He could still start against the Rams on Sunday, but if not, Judge will turn to veteran backup Mike Glennon.

It’s been a rough year for former New England Patriots.

Joe Judge is 1-4 and New York’s only win is an overtime victory against the Jameis Winston-led New Orleans Saints.

Former Bill Belichick disciple Brian Flores has guided the Miami Dolphins to a 1-4 record and their sole win came in Week 1 against the Patriots.

And former Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel is probably going to help the Titans get back to the playoffs because the AFC South is terrible again, but Tennessee looks like a shell of the team they were the last two years.

It is imperative then for Joe Judge to not only get this win against the Rams, but to know where his quarterback is at all work times and what he’s doing. If he really doesn’t know, I assure you that Aaron Donald will be able to tell him soon — he’s going to be all over Jones or Glennon this Sunday.